The betrayal

Bouncing from site to site, the video of Aaron Broussard, President of the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, in an interview at NBC’s Meet the Press, this morning.

More on Aaron Broussard on Technorati.

The BBC collects witness reports of how it was to live inside the Superdome: A description of hell eerily similar to the world described in Jose Saramago’s novel Blindness.

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3 thoughts on “The betrayal

  1. Broussard was a prophet (scroll down):

    Parishes Against Coastal Erosion (PACE) Response to the Bush Administration’s June 14, 2005 Policy Statement on the Proposed Energy Act of 2005

    By Parishes Against Coastal Erosion
    Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, NOAA and other federal and state agencies along with university experts agree that nowhere in the world is a coastal region losing wetlands and protective barrier islands faster than Louisiana. About this there is no doubt. It is predicted that by 2050, one third of coastal Louisiana will have vanished into the Gulf of Mexico. Our coast and its wetlands is a system on the verge of collapse. Without wetlands to buffer storms, our people and property and the nation’s energy supply are at risk. Oil and gas pipelines and facilities, which provide 25% of the Nation’s energy needs, are more vulnerable with each storm. Oil and gas activities and federal actions to control the Mississippi River for navigation and flood control are largely responsible for the drastic loss of our coastal. PACE believes we are completely within our right to ask the federal government to share money generated from offshore oil and gas revenues with the coastal states that bear a disproportionate burden in supporting this nation’s energy needs.

    Louisiana’s congressional delegation has urged Congress for more than a decade to return to the state a fair share of the revenue from the production of offshore oil and gas both because of the impact of offshore production on Louisiana and because interior states get 50% of revenues from oil and gas production on federal lands.

    The president has supported the concept, but has backed off when it comes to funding the restoration effort. PACE believes Louisiana can no longer afford to wait. Louisiana urgently needs guaranteed resources to thwart a catastrophe that is not being given the sense of urgency that it demands.

    We believe the case has been made. Louisiana’s wetlands – America’s WETLAND – is crucial to the nations oil and gas production, commercial fisheries, navigation and commerce and national security. Restoring the damage hastened by years of inland and offshore drilling is clearly a national responsibility.

    The President, in this Policy Statement, has failed us. To sidestep this as a key issue would be a serious deficiency, in the Energy Bill, and the entire nation will suffer as a consequence.

    Our Louisiana legislature this month passed a constitutional amendment requiring any new offshore oil and gas revenue to be put in a trust fund dedicated to coastal erosion.

    Louisiana has made a commitment. Now, it’s time for the President to step up to the plate and support funding to prevent the untold damage to the ecology, economy and potential loss of life in large numbers.

    With the National Hurricane Center predicting another active hurricane season, PACE President Aaron Broussard said he fears that it is going to take a major storm and significant loss of life before the nation acts responsibly.

    The PACE organization’s frustration with the Administration’s Statement was reflected in St. Bernard Parish President, Henry “Junior” Rodriguez’s comment that “Louisiana contributes much to this Nations energy needs. It’s time we take a hard look at our alternatives and consider whether we want to keep up this level of oil and gas production.”

    If you have any questions, please contact Jefferson Parish President and PACE President, Aaron Broussard at (504) 736-6400.

  2. We as a nation need to require our elected officials to process and obtain proper funding for essential projects in the USA. From the levees in LA to the underfunded VAH facilities. We need our $$ to focus on our safety and health care issues. WHERE is the ship HOPE…??? Shouldn’t it be based outside New Orleans right now??? Come on America lets wake up and speak up.. It could be you or your family suffering like those in the south tonight… Keep up the good reporting. Triage is the only way that medical emergenicies can work given tghe lack of supplies and basic life/death emergenices that are being faced… I remember well. CJB Medic 64-70 USA. bLEESINGS ,, KEEP UP THE REPRTING AND you will prevail….

  3. With all due respect, Broussard was fibbing at the end of his video. The woman in question died August 29th, therefore making it impossible that his coworker could have called her for days promising the “cavalry” would arrive.

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