Update on 2006 Google Earth Census: Unusual sightings

Time for an update on living creatures sightings on Google Earth:

  • From Germany, Tom sends the first people sighting I am aware of in which people can be identified:

Paul and Marvin on the trampoline

If you zoom to about 250 ft, you’ll see a trampoline (rectangular blue-ish frame, with black center), with 2 boys on it. The one standing is most likely my son Paul, and lying on the trampoline is his best friend Marvin.

  • Sam finds two motorcycle riders in Greece, just north-east of Athens. A little bit hard to see, but they are there: the first one is in the left lane and looks like a white dot in the right lower corner of the picture. On the opposite lane, center upper area of the image, the dark gray dot is the second motorcycle.

Motorcycles in Greece

  • Rosi finds killer whales at Sea World in Orlando, Florida

Killer Whales in Orlando, Florida

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  1. I am missing something…why are people surprised to see people on earth?

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