IT Conversations with myself: is danah boyd cool or what?

Anto: What do you think of danah boyd? Don’t you think she’s supercool?

nella: [continuing to read Scoble’s post about investing in blogging] Yeah, she is OK.

Anto: OK? Just OK? Have you read her post on superpublics?

nella: [click-hopping to Jeneane Sessum’s post on the history of “small is the new big”] Yes, I did. It’s interesting.

Anto: She has all these great ideas on social networks online.

nella: [Now reading Hugh McLeod] She’s writing her dissertation on social networks; it would be surprising if she didn’t have interesting things to say.

Anto: My dissertation was not that interesting.

nella: [scanning Shelly’s posts on The bbgun] Here we go again.

Anto: No, really.

nella: [makes faces while reading Stowe Boyd’s /Blip of the week; wonders if Stowe and danah are related]

Anto: Stop it!

nella: You stop it.

Silence. Click. Click. Click.

Anto: OK, but she has more interesting things to say that many A-listers.

nella: [reading BoingBoing making fun of the Wall Street Journal] I would agree with that.

Silence, except for furious typing.

Anto: Are you angry at me?

nella: No, I’m not.

Anto: Are we OK then?

nella: We are golden.

Silence. Typing. More typing. Silence.

Anto: I love you.

nella: I love you, too. Now shut up. Trying to be a serious blogger here.

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