Our Irish Fairytale of New York

Yesterday it was St. Patrick day and we fully enjoyed it. In the morning we crossed a white Central Park to go to the St. Patrick’s day parade on 5th avenue.

Central park under the snow
White and red stripes

I was impressed by the high number of black and asian Irish parade participants.

It was cold and windy, and after 5 hours marching in the streets was not that pleasant any longer.

I especially enjoyed the girls of a catholic school who, in a skillful high-lift leg move, proudly showed their Vatican yellow underwears.

In the evening, we couldn’t miss the Pogues’ concert at the Roseland Ballroom. So many people, so much beer and drunk jumping, sticky hardwood floors, and Shane MacGowan singing from a wheel chair. What’s not to love about Ireland?

The Pogues at Roseland, NYC: Beer, thousands of heads, and tiny people on the stage.

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