Two more days to Blog Action Day

Blog Action DayThe people on Earth had been sleeping for a long time, trapped in a nightmare. In the nightmare, the richest and most powerful of Earth’s inhabitant were possessed by greed and egoism. Their vision was blurred by arrogance and hubris. The Earth languished in misery and neglect but very few noticed it. Too many people were dying of hunger, illnesses, and violence, but very few noticed it. A restless and happyless illness was possessing the souls and bodies of those who had enough to be happy. The planet was on the verge of collapse.

Then some people started waking up and saw the world around them. They realized that their beautiful planet was dying and the future of their children was at risk. They realized they could do something to make Earth a better place and they decided to act. They got together to find another way of living their lives, because the way of waste and exploitation didn’t make them happy.

They started to spend more time with their friends and with their family and less in their cars and air conditioned offices. They found other ways to feel satisfied that didn’t involve polluting and wasting scarce resources. They chose generosity and sharing to possession and accumulation. Others saw them and woke up. They tuned off their lights, sold their cars, discovered they could walk to places or ride their bicicles. They slowed down. They stopped running and started paying attention to flowers and sunsets and they realized that they felt much happier. For the first time in years, the Earth smiled.

Our Earth is generous and tolerant, but it’s not immortal. The balance that keeps Earth able to sustain life is strong, but we are stronger and more powerful. We can do great good and we can do a lot of damage. The choice is up to us.

Monday is Blog Action Day. Speak up on the environment. Look at the list of environmental issues on Wikipedia. Browse the page on environmental resources on Blog Action Day.

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