Technology is not good for my social life.

In a previous post, I mentioned how YouTube tried to undermine my sense of security about my social life. Now it’s WordPress’s turn.

This morning I was reading Andrew Hinton’s blog. Andrew has just published a great article on personas on Boxes and Arrows where he quotes some of my thoughts on the subject. So, I read a few older posts, and I notice one on WordPress comment notification fix, which talks about a bug in WordPress that prevents new comment notifications to be sent.

I go back to my blog and check the comments tab in WordPress and horror! There is a bunch of true comments stuck in the moderation queue together with the usual series of comment spam. (By the way, Andrew has a link to the fix, from Mark’s blog MeAndMyDrum. It worked for me.)

Dear commenters, forgive me for neglecting you. I just thought that people had stopped commenting on my blog, not that I was not receiving notifications for your comments. I apologize. I love your comments, really.

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6 thoughts on “Technology is not good for my social life.

  1. It’s very kind of you to have included my link in your post. Thank you very much and have a great rest of the week. 🙂

  2. I just found your website … No I will be up another 10 minutes every night 😉 Witty and insightful full of topics of interest to me !

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