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One thought on “Pride!

  1. Hi Antonella,
    thanks for commenting. how cool that my first (and probably only comment) is from another Antonella 🙂

    i have wondered a lot about celebrities and why people want to be close to them. why they have blogs and myspace pages, why they do it and if there are any reasons beyond plugging a project.

    i myself have always wanted to be an actor (and i am for the first time in my life, perhaps bette late then never, persuing this dream more actively) but there are a lot of aspects that come with the terriroty of being a commercial actor that i find very weird. the whole self promoting, self marketing thing. the photoshoots and talking about yourself all the time…me me me.

    anyhoo thanks for the comment, and i will definitly check out all your blogs…you seem very active in the blog world. i’m outside with my laptop and can’t see much with the sun lol

    but will check it out and comment back soon.

    Ciao from Montreal 😉

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