Few things you should know about me:

  • I was born in Italy and I lived in Italy most of my life, but I’m a bad Italian. I work too much, I hang out with few people, I drink long espresso, and I hate bureaucracy.
  • I live in Brooklyn, NY and no, I’m not relocating to California. Paris, France, I might consider.
  • I work at Google, which is still the most amazing place to work for. I learn about people using technology and I lead User Experience teams. I also worked at Vanguard, another great place to work and to keep your savings. More in my Resume.
  • Even If I work for Google, this is my personal site and, as stated in the disclaimer in the sidebar, all the opinions expressed on this site are my own only.
  • In a previous life I did research in cognitive and neuro- psychology. I studied visual and selective attention and how brain injuries impair attention and planning. I was lucky enough to work with amazing people like Mike Posner, Steve Keele, Laurel Buxbaum, Myrna Schwartz, and Branch Coslett. More about that in my Academic Vita.
  • I’m taking illustration classes at the School of Visual Art. Still a loooong way to go, but drawing and painting make me happy.
  • You can find me on LinkedIn and on G+. Or, if you are not into social networking, use the contact form to reach me.