This sucks

Getting back to reading blogs, after months of neglect, and I find out that my friend Derek has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. This sucks big time. Aren’t bloggers immune to all diseases and bad luck? I really wish you the best, Derek. You are such an awesome person.

Local Showcase: Fact-esque

The latest Philly Future featured blog is Fact-esque (the name comes from Stephen Colbert’s quote: “It’s been widely reported and that makes it fact-esque.”) Fact-esque is political, progressive, and anti-torture: who can ask for anything more? Technorati Tags: phillyfeaturedblog

How to Blog: 4. Blog Networking

How to Blog Series

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So, now you have a blog. What do you want to do with it? You can use it as an online publishing tool to create a website and put content on the internet. But you would be missing the wonderful potential that blogs have to connect people and ideas.

Most of us use blogs as a social and networking tool. We want others to see and hear what we’ve created. We enjoy finding other people who share our passions and see the world in the same way we do—or perhaps in a completely different way. We want to find people who say interesting things and discuss topics we care about.

If you too belong to the second category, you should learn something about blog networking. Find people you like and would like to connect with; go out and let other people know that you have a blog, are interested in what they say, and would like to start a conversation with them.

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