And the police arrived at the scene

It’s such a wonderful night for a walk. You could use a cigarette and you need air. Air. Close the door behind you (did you close it slowly, so nobody would hear? Or did you slam it, hoping somebody would stop you?) and just walk, one step and then another step. It’s not that hard.

And here you are, just outside the train station. Light a cigarette. Watch the breeze play with the smoke and feel it on your skin. For a moment you almost forget. But it’s just a moment then the pain is back, all of it, and it’s time.

Walk to the tracks, take another puff, breath it in fully. Step just in the middle of the tracks, sit down, slowly lower your head to the ground. It’s hard, but not that hard after all. Move just a little bit to get more comfortable, put your legs down, close your eyes. The tracks fit you nicely, like a bed where you can, finally, rest.

The police arrives at the scene

At 9:47PM of Friday, August 18, the R5 local to Thorndale leaves Saint David station for Wayne. Wayne is where I left my car before taking the train to Philadelphia this afternoon. Just 2 minutes and I will be there; I’ll get into the car, put my backpack in the back seat, and drive home. I’m exhausted, it has been a long hard week.

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Forget Starbucks. You deserve a better experience.

Starbucks ExperienceIt’s official: I am done with Starbucks. Until now, I occasionally visited Starbucks because they are easy to find, have a consistent quality, and you know what to expect. Is this enough to make the Starbucks experience a good customer experience?

One of the reasons people go to Stabucks is that they offer wireless internet. Are Starbucks cybercafes? In theory most of them are hotspots but in practices one has to pay for wireless. A lot. Unless you want to get a monthly and automatically renewed annual subscription with T-Mobile, you’ll have to pay $10 dollars for a day pass or $7 for the first hour of wireless connection. Most cybercafes offer unlimited wireless access for $2 and the fee is often waived if you purchase something.

At Starbucks, drinks and food are good, but they are also so pricey that you would expect your espresso to walk on water, tell you funny jokes, and take your calls when you are out. They only provide paper cups, even when you want to drink your cappuccino on the premises (so much for the flavor and the sustainability). The Starbucks experience seems to assume that you are always on the run, rushing in and out in a cloud of dust (perhaps accurate for most of their customers, but so far from my idea of coffee shop experience).

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