How to Blog: 4. Blog Networking

How to Blog Series

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So, now you have a blog. What do you want to do with it? You can use it as an online publishing tool to create a website and put content on the internet. But you would be missing the wonderful potential that blogs have to connect people and ideas.

Most of us use blogs as a social and networking tool. We want others to see and hear what we’ve created. We enjoy finding other people who share our passions and see the world in the same way we do—or perhaps in a completely different way. We want to find people who say interesting things and discuss topics we care about.

If you too belong to the second category, you should learn something about blog networking. Find people you like and would like to connect with; go out and let other people know that you have a blog, are interested in what they say, and would like to start a conversation with them.

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Blogher06 day 1: where the women bloggers want to be read by many


(Attending the session: Building your audience with Elise Bauer (Simply Recipes, Learning Movable Type) – blogged live by Whitney)

Three pillars of building an audience: create great content, engage your community, use technology.


The most successful blogs are useful, entertaining, timely, or a combination of the three. Did I mention useful?

You need to focus your content. Focusing your content creates community and attract people who are interested in the topic.

Post great content even if it means posting less frequently, but do post frequently. Use images and photographs (but make sure that they are good). Write well, with care. Don’t write really long posts, break your posts in paragraphs. Use headlines that are catching AND use keywords (but keywords are more important if you want to be found on a search engine).

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How to Blog: 3. How to write good posts

How to Blog Series

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If you regularly visit blogs, you know that blog posts come in all shapes and sizes. Posts can be long, medium, or short (sometimes really short, like Jim Henley’s renowned one-word post that has collected 1104 comments to date). They go from the one extreme of dry and objective reports to the other extreme of unapologetic subjective, emotional, and opinionated rants.

If you look at lists of popular blogs, you’ll realize that very different types of content can attract a crowd of readers. The difference between a good and a not-so-good post is all in the execution.

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How to Blog: 2. How do I start Blogging?

How to Blog Series

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Typically, people get into blogging by reading blogs. Most blog readers are not bloggers, they just enjoy visiting and reading/listening/viewing content that others create. And this is great: blogs need readers. Some people, after lurking for while, start contributing to the discussion by writing comments to other people’s posts. This is even better: blogging requires participation. Some blogs becomes like coffee shops: nice places to visit and hang out, where one can listen to stories and chat with friends.

But best of all is having your own blog, because you have the chance to create something that is yours, on which you have complete creative control, and at the same time is public. This is the true power and beauty of blogging: a blog is something you create and take care of, like a garden, and other people from all over the world can visit and enjoy.

If you have decided that you are ready to start your own blog, get ready to jump. You’ll find that start blogging has never been easier.

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How to Blog: 1. Blog Basics

I receive fairly frequently questions about blogging from friends and through my site. When I was new to blogging I realized that it wasn’t easy to locate basic instructions on blogs and blogging. Most of the articles I found assumed some level of knowledge I didn’t have at the time. For this reason, I’ve decided to write "How to Blog," a series on blog basics. My objective is to give people new to blogging easy instructions and basic information on how to start their own blog.
If you want to contribute to this series, send in your questions, links to good blogging resources, or suggestions for future installments of "How to Blog."

How to Blog Series

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What is a blog?

A blog is a website powered by weblog software that let people easily publish online content. The weblog software neatly organizes content in a database, creates permanent addresses for each chunk published (a blog entry or post), and dynamically publishes the updated site.

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